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Wonderland Hydrogen Convertor

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Place of Origin: Perak Malaysia Brand Name: Wonderland Model Number: H2-1000

Wonderland hydrogen Converter, converts normal water, filtered water into Hydrogen contains water.
Hydrogen Fuel Of Life Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest element in the universe. Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural anti-oxidants, so Wonderland hydrogen bubbled water contains a strong reduction ability to reduce active oxygen (free radicals) in the blood and cells. It can flush away the toxins inside body if drink regularly.
The physical condition of each person is different, so the effect of hydrogen bubbled water will vary from one to another. For those who are under stress, imbalanced diet, talking fast food, their body and skin are not in good condition. Once they drink hydrogen bubbled water for some times,they will notice materia in the body quickly, restore the cell absorption ability and supply sufficent of nutrients. You will feel more energetic, no more slouching and reduce the stress. Excessive free radicals will damage genetic material,DNA.When the body cannot repair by itself, new cells turn into mutant cells, which is the precursor of cancer. The hydrogen which is strong anti-oxidants can eliminate the environment benefical to cancer cells.
The utmost important thing that you should do is to consume only hydrogen bubbled water at all time. By drinking only hydrogen bubbled water, you are free from chronic free radicals that is thought to be the cause of health challenges and stressors as well as pathological aging.

• Hydrogen id the smallest molecules and it can easily penetrate thought the cell membrane and flush away the free radicals from the body.
• Hydrogen can easily pass through the brain barrier and remove free radicals happened at the brain nervous system.
• It can react with hydroxyl radical (OH-)and singlet oxygen (1O2) selectively
• Since hydrogen bubbled water is formed by tiny cluster, it will be absorbed in the intestine in one minute, and reach every corners of the body in ten minute to work as the powerful scavenger of free radicals

Wonderland Hydrogen Convertor is Not a water filter. It attaches to a water filter to convert Normal water to Hydrogen contained water Hydrogen water is contains high ORP and able to help our body to keep young Hydrogen water is best to fight free radical in our body, it is able to keep us from sick, because 90% of the sickness is caused by free radical.

Free Radicals are produced when our cells create energy and when we are exposed to pollutants or toxins such as cigarette smoke, alcohol or pesticides, if allowed to go unquenched, free radicals can cause damage to the body's cells. The cells that line the arterias, the fat cells in the blood,the immune cells and so on can all be affected by free radicals.And because of this free radical damage (or oxidation) has been linked to the formation of every degenerative disease known including cancer,cardiovascular disease, cataracts and the ageing process itself.


Dr.Shigeo Ohta
Institute of Development and Aging Sciences, Nippon Medical School
• In the three and a half years since the first hydrogen paper was published in Nature Medicine,more than 70 original papers have been published in leading biological / medical journals. Based on cumulative knowledge, beneficial biological effects of hydrogen have been established with no doubt.
• Hydrogen shows not only anti-oxidative stress effects, but also has various anti-inflammatory and anti- allergic effects.

Albert Szent-Györgyi
Nobel Prize-winning biochemist
• Tissues of the body store hydrogen in vast amounts. The order of hydrogen pooling by quantities found in the body are the liver,intestine,kidney, heart, lung and finally spleen. The liver stores the most hydrogen and is the body 's first line of defence in detoxification.

Peter D.Mitchell PhD
Nobel Laureate 1978
• Hydrogen is essential in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, the source of all energy in the cells and therefore the body.

Dr.Douglas C Wallace,PhD
Director of the Center for Molecular & Mitochondrial Medicine and Genetics, University of California at Irvine
• Studies have shown that the human body stores hydrogen in its tissues. As we age, tissue hydrogen-depletion may lead to many of the symptoms of the aging process. This may cause subclinical dehydration since it appears that hydrogen may play a role in hydrating our cells. Symptoms of hydrogen depletion may include chronic fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances and indigestion. As our tissue are depleted of hydrogen, they become stiff and lose flexibility. Dehydrated tendons and muscles tear more easily, and dehydrated bones become brittle. Loss of lung flexibility leads to loss of oxygen. By replenishing our hydrogen stores, we may be able to relieve many of these conditions if they are brought about by hydrogen depletion.

We have obtained the lab test report in USA our water contains Hydrogen. Hydrogen Water have been published in Japan Extensively for the Health benefit, emails us to get further info,We also have Journals and proffessor reports for the benefit of Hydrogen Water.

Do your lack of anti-oxidation capability?
• Do you always under stress?
• Do you smoke or often stay in second-hand smoke environment?
• Do you always expose to automobile exhaust?
• Are you alcoholics?
• Do you have allergy problem?
• Do you always take drugs? (Such as painkillers, sleeping pills, cold medicine)
• Are you a carnivore?
• Do you always eat processed food, fried food and high cholesterol food?
• Do you always expose under the sun?
• Are you a chronically ill patient or having radiation therapy?
• Do you always expose to chemical substances?
• you don't take vitamin or other nutritional supplements?

If you tick more than three, you may face the risk of lacking anti-oxidation capability.

Wonderland Hydrogen Bubbled Water provides a natural beauty solution for better hydration to eliminate wrinkles by reducing free radical & environment damage. Hydrogen water aids in naturally turning back the clock on the effects of aging. Hydrogen Bubbled water hydrates the skin up to six time greater than lotions. It provides you with healthier looking skin and vitality.
Hydrogen Bubble water helps to reduce the oxidative damage caused by free radicals and bacteria that the cells are continually bombarded with. No lotions or creams can better provide you with this natural form of protection to your body skin cells. It is the best natural antioxidant available to reduce oxidative damage of aging skin.

• Hydrogen bubbled water reduces free radical damage.
• Emulsify fatty growths, reduce retinal thinning.
• Reduce bacterial infections affecting skin or eyes.
• Maximize anti-aging.
• Moisturize dry skin, emulsify lotions or oils for maximum penetration.
• Hydrated skin is radiant skin at any age! Reduce wrinkles shrink pores.

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Wonderland Hydrogen Convertor

Wonderland Hydrogen Convertor
Quick Details Place of Origin: Perak Malaysia Brand Name: Wonderland Model Number: H2-1000 Spe

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