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why choose combo melamine floor pad

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It cleans very well black marks, shoe marks, wheel marcks.?
Ideal for micro-porous surfaces such as ceramic, stoneware, marble, terrazzo, terracotta, polished and coated concrete.

Ideal for shopping centers, swimming pools, warehouses .
Uses with water only. Chemicals can also be added to improve cleaning.?

Our Combo melamine pad would be the right product for you.
It works better for a deeper, longer-lasting clean.
It uses physical decontamination and the interior microfibers are delicate, grinding hard that can be penetrated the micropores on the surface of the floor during the wiping process, removing stains quickly, polishing, dewaxing, repairing small **** will not affect the luster of the floor and there will be no scratches. It is a new generation of floor cleaning appliances.

Combo Melamine Cleaning pads bring floor cleaning to a whole new level, making it easier to scrub away dirt and stains, it deliver an instant and noticeable clean. It is innovative and suitable for floor cleaning and dewaxing, so it perfect for cleaning variety of floor surfaces such as marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic tile,sheet vinyl, stone floors, wood floors and more.

Application Floor Types are VCT, VAT, Sheet Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite and Concrete Surfaces. Suitable for cleaning large surface areas, such as shopping centers, hotel lobbies, dust-free workshops, warehouses and swimming pools.

If you are looking for an effective floor pad for tile, vinyl or other flooring, Combo melamine cleaning mop might be a good choice, welcome various grocery stores, hardware stores, and department stores.

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why choose combo melamine floor pad

why choose combo melamine floor pad
Melamine pad works better?than the?traditional floor pad. It cleans very well black marks, shoe m

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