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Material: Steel Standard: ISO Place of Origin: Delhi India
Brand Name: BEW Model Number: sprocket

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: as per customer instructions
Delivery Detail: 4 to 6 weeks after confirmation of order

An ISO 9001 certified Manufacturer of SprocketsSprocketA sprocket is a very popular and common gear or wheel that comes with a metal teeth which meshes perfectly with a chain or track. The term pitch is used to refer to the distance between two sprockets.

Sprockets today are made in a variety of sizes. Sprockets are available in metric and also in English measurements. Sprockets do not allow gears to slip away and are specifically applied in cases where chains get engaged by gears or wheels and also in cases of motors producing rotational motions. Sprockets are essentially part of the chain drives. It is important in a chain drive that the sprocket should match with the type of chain used. Interestingly, though Sprockets look like gears but it differs in few ways from Gears: * Sprockets usually have more engaging teeth than the gears that has one or two.
* In sprockets, there is no slippage of teeth. Whereas in gears, the teeth often touch and slip against each other.
* There is also a variation in terms of the shape of teeth.
Types of Sprockets
Sprockets are available in a variety of styles and types. This page would highlight some of the more popular types and the classifications.
Manufacturers of sprockets in America have adopted 4 types of specific sprocket making styles as a typical American Standard. They are the following: * Type A This is a Flat sprocket that has no hub extension on either side.
* Type B A Sprocket that has a hub extension on one side.
* Type C Sprockets that have hub extension on both the sides.
* Type D Sprockets that comes with a detachable bolt on a hub connected to a plate.

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