Reborn Nutri Bifidus

Albumen Powder

Function: Beauty Products Type: Albumen Powder Place of Origin: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Brand Name: De Beauty Model Number: A0015-2 Dosage Form: Powder

Quick Details
Function: detox Type: Herbal Supplements Place of Origin: Malaysia
Brand Name: De Beauty Model Number: A00-10 Dosage Form: Powder
sachets: 14 X 13gm sachets Size: L=6.8cm W=11cm H=17cm Countries to be sold: USA, Hong Kong, China,
Singapore, Thailand,
Viet Nam, Canada, Philippiness etc.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 34 Box per carton, the size of drum is Diameter: H=30cm W=53cm L=35cm
Delivery Detail: 30 days after the PO confirmed

Product Description 1.Specification Product Name Reborn Nutri Bifidus Size L=6.8cm W=11cm H=17cm
Shelf life 1 Years ~ 2 Years Sachets 14 X 13gm Sachets
items# Ingredients: Test method
1 Probiotic Inner Standard
2 Enzymes Inner Standard
3 Acai Berry Inner Standard
4 Amino Acid Inner Standard
5 Oat Fiber Inner Standard
6 Wheat Fiber Inner Standard
7 Seaweed Inner Standard
8 Wheat Grass Powder Inner Standard
9 Psyillium Husk Inner Standard
10 Fructo Oligosaccharide Inner Standard
11 Inulin Inner Standard
12 Corn Extract Inner Standard
2.Percent daily values are based on 2000 calories diet. 3.Take 1 sachet and mix with water. Stir well before serve. 4.Store in coll and dry place and away from sunlight.Keep out of reach of children. Certifications HALAL Certificate ISO Certificate

GMP Certificate SSM Certificate

KKM Certificate COA Certificate
Ingredient Functions Ingredient Name Ingredient Picduers Ingredient Functions
Enzyme Enzymes will be able to fasten the metabolism process and help to accelerate the process of eliminating body fat. It helps to digest food and reduces the growth of “free radicals” and “harmful bacteria”. It helps to detoxify the body too. It also helps to eliminates bloated stomach, indigestion problems and eliminate dropsy. The digestion function of the enzymes not only able to fasten the digestion reaction between the digestive juices and food in stomach and intestine, but also able to accelerate and promote the secretion of digestive juices of digestion organ. This process will be able to help to produce sufficient of digestive juices to digest the food in the digestion organ. Therefore, it will enhance the speed and amount of the digestion of food and have a significant effect in easing the digestion pressure and hence, diminishing the factor of having “over-time” problem. Similarly, as for the metabolic system, those enzymes in the metabolic function enzymes can also accelerate metabolic reaction of the body. The metabolism process will be able to excrete extra nutrients and also other waste and harmful substances from our body.
Wheat Grass Poweder The Wheat Grass can improve constipation and indigestion problem. This is due to the fact that its content of potassium is sufficient to promote the intestinal peristalsis and absorption functions. The Wheat Grass contains chlorophyll which helps to eliminate debris in the body, medicine residual and toxin too. It helps to detoxify liver, blood as well as to improve blood sugar level. It accelerates the healing process of any wound injuries and very effective in handling chronic diseases. The chemical reaction between the Wheat Grass with vitamin B complex, can stabilize the nervous system and promotes digestion. The Wheat Grass helps body digestion and absorption as well as metabolism process too. The Wheat Grass enriched with elements such as cellulose, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes as well as plant factors. It helps in absorption function of small intestine, anti-inflammatory and anti-febrile, regulates and cleanses bowel and digestion system. In addition, the chlorophyll content in the Wheat Grass has the hematopoietic function which strengthen the heart and with revitalizing effect. Chlorophyll can penetrate into the tissues and eliminate those debris, medicine residual and toxin. It has the effect of detoxify liver, blood as well as to improve blood sugar level, accelerate healing process of the wound. As for the chronic diseases, it is very effective by having real detoxification effect.
Corn Extract Detoxification and Beautification Skin Whitening Diarrhea, eliminating airy stomach and indigestion Eliminating Dropsy The medical research has proven that corn extract helps enhancing spleen function, dehumidification and improve urinary system. It has the excellent effects in relieving diarrhea, indigestion and dropsy. Corn extract is enriched with non-saturated fatty acids, especially the content of ?-linolenic is more than 60%.The contain of vitamin E in its corn germs helps reducing the blood cholesterol level and preventing its accumulation on the vessel wall. Therefore, corn extract is very effective in relieving and preventing of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure. The vitamin E can promote cells split and with anti-aging effect. It also contains a longevity factor – Glutathione. When it combines with selenium, it will produce Erythrocyte Glutathione Oxidase. It has the effect of rejuvenation and anti-aging too. It also enriched with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, which are very effective in helping the treatment of cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis as well as diabetes.
Acai Berry Replenishing Energy Acai Berry is known as ‘The King of Energy”, and many athletes would add some Acai Berries to replenish their energy. You may definitely list it into your slimming programme. Enhancing Metabolism Omega 3 – unsaturated fatty acid can enhance the human metabolism. Our body cannot produce omega 3 fatty acid by itself, it has to be obtained from external source. Acai Berry is a type of fruit that contains high amount of unsaturated fatty acid. Controlling Appetite The Acai Berry is enriched with fiber. The high content of fiber gives you a sense of satiety which helps to control over-consume of food, and it also reduces the absorption of fat. Eventually, it promotes a more complete metabolism process. Eliminating Fat and Enhancing Digestion The Acai Berry is enriched with high amount of fiber which helps you to digest more effectively and it cleans digestive residue too. It helps you to burn off excessive harmful fat and it really eliminates fat without affecting the level of body fluid. Detoxifying and Beauty Effects Acai Berry contains excellent fatty acids and amino acids. Through the inhibition of elastase and collagenase, it helps skin texture to become more radiant and elastic. Enhancing Intestinal Process and Prevention of Constipation It enriched with dietary fiber which promotes good digestion process as well as enhances intestinal peristalsis process, eliminates bloating stomach and constipation, promotes metabolism process, regulates physiological functions and helps in slimming process to maintain excellent body shape! Acai Berry is grown in Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Its growing speed is tremendously slow and usually it takes about 4 – 5 years to bear Acai Berry fruits. In local, its thousand years of medical evidence has shown the magical power of Acai Berry. It helps to improve injury, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, regulates metabolism process, slimming as well as anti-aging effects. Therefore, it is known locally as the tree of life. Either the heroic Amazon warriors or just weaned kids will drink Acai juice to enhance and strengthen their physical fitness. After delivery their babies, women will usually consume Acai Berry to restore their body shape. Acai Berry is completely free from cholesterol, and almost without any saturated fat (unfavourable body fat). It helps to reduce blood lipids as well as blood pressure, and maintain body health condition. All International biologists refer it as a “Natural Perfect Food” – a food that is enriched with all the goodness and excellent features.
Amino Acid It helps intestinal peristalsis and eliminates constipation problems. It also restores damaged cells, and helps body to function normally. It helps to restore stomach lining in order to solve the indigestion problems. It helps to detoxify the body. It also helps to eliminate bloated stomach, indigestion problems as well as dropsy. Strengthening and contracting the large intestine in order to have the effect of shrinking your belly. The forming of cells is the combination of amino acids. All the functions of the body are closely related to amino acids. The chemical reactions of our body are determined by amino acids and their combination of protein structure. Therefore, it is necessary to absorb and digest amino acids every day. Even if lacking any one of those 22 types essential and non-essential amino acids, it will cause the reduction of protein level, because our body is not able to keep amino acids. You may discover many sources of amino acids in our nature environment. The fact is that the source of amino acids which has been discovered from micro-organisms and meteorites is more than 300 types
Oat Fiber, Apple Fiber, Wheat Fiber, Psyllium Husk It reduces the accumulation of feces and having the effect of shrinking the belly. It detoxifies, beautifies and reduces the forming of oil particles on the surface of the skin and hence eliminates acnes. It enhances the radiance of the skin. It helps to detoxify the body. It also helps to eliminate bloated stomach, indigestion problems as well as dropsy. Strengthening and contracting the large intestine in order to have the effect of shrinking your belly. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate and it does not contain any calorie and cannot be digested in the body. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber is able to control the blood sugar level of the body and it will not cause precipitation of sugar content which is causing the excessive of sugar content to be converted to fat. In addition, it can soften feces and fecal impaction and solve constipation problem. Insoluble fiber acts as cleanser to cleanse the bowel as well as detoxification effects which can reduce the risk of having intestinal cancer.
Seaweed Eliminates dropsy Lower-body fat Facial Edema Detoxification and Beautification Detoxification and Eliminate Edema The Wheat Grass enriched with iodine. Therefore, it is very effective in dealing with blood poisoning, hair loss and thyroid disease. It also can detoxify blood, eliminate scrofula and improve urination. As for slimming process, it is an essential element to detoxify and eliminate edema. In addition, the Wheat Grass is able to enhance the process of metabolism in order to excrete additional water and toxin from the body. It also enriched with mineral substances, ?-linolenic acid and other non-saturated fatty acids, which will be to regulate skin moisture and promote blood circulation and skin firming effect by eliminating facial edema and improve your facial outlook.
Product Effects BEFORE AFTER
Question & Answer 1.De BEAUTY® Reborn Nutri Bifidus® slimming drinks what is the difference with others brand?
Answer: Reborn Nutri Bifidus has a 5 in 1 function, can help to cut oil, cut wind, cut stool, cut pot, cut edema.
2. Reborn Nutri Bifidus® relative to other competing brands of products, our strengths is?
Answer: Reborn Nutri Bifidus contains a whole "and" gut bacteria can in 3 minutes walk 20g oil energy beam, and barrier 500 calories.
3. Reborn Nutri Bifidus® slimming drinks have any benefit?
Answer: For the lower body fat [to solve the "thighs, arms, hips, waist," coarse problem] edema problem, slimming drinks belly problem.
4. Reborn Nutri Bifidus® how many days I can slim down?
Answer: Generally drinking 14 days to start seeing results.
Despite this effect is still vary.According to reports between four weeks after drinking "belly close small" success rate of 98.2%.
5. Reborn Nutri Bifidus® How to take, how about the taste ?
Answer: recommend just started one day a sachet, bedtime drink.
250ml of water to brew. Passion fruit flavours.
6. De BEAUTY® Reborn Nutri Bifidus® menstruation can take it?
Answer: can, not because of the loss caused by menstruation.
7 De BEAUTY® Reborn Nutri Bifidus® will cause severe diarrhea or should pay attention to what matters?
Answer: will not cause diarrhea. If the long-term constipation before drinking 3-5 days will stir stomach feeling.
Because your stomach too many toxins accumulated bacteria and viruses, Reborn NutriBifidus contains a whole "and" intestinal bacteria can eliminate toxins bacteria and viruses quickly to physical accumulated toxins excreted bacteria and viruses within the small intestine.
8 Which people are not fit to drink De BEAUTY® Reborn Nutri Bifidus®?
Answer: pregnancy, diseases are taking any prescription drugs or caregiver, you need to consult a doctor, drinking in the doctor's recommendations.
9. De BEAUTY® Reborn NutriBifidus® will bounce it?
Answer: No, rebound weight-loss are usually using drug in the product.
Expect to achieve a multiplier effect, you should be drinking enough of water a day, at least 2-3 liters.
Our products are rich in cellulose, and cellulose also need enough water to be able to exert their effects.
In addition, drink plenty of water also helps rid the body of accumulated toxins and waste.
10. De BEAUTY® Reborn NutriBifidus® have any benefits?
Answer: effectively eliminate improve shrink belly, detoxification, reduction of oil particles surface, acne, acne hyperplasia, large pores, skin gloss, improve the digestive system, stomach, bloating, indigestion, soothe the stomach, improve intestinal absorption ability to balance blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease, stroke and stomach cancer.
Company Information As part of the beauty health care industry in Malaysia, the DE BEAUTY GROUP of today has become an enterprise with rapid development. The business of DE BEAUTY GROUP is growing tremendously by providing the best products ever to more than 3 million people nationwide. The total sales revenue has reached RM2.8 million per year.

The DE BEAUTY GROUP has been established for more than a year. You will be able to notice that at every DE BEAUTY GROUP outlet in Malaysia, our clients’ skin texture improved greatly from within.

The DE BEAUTY GROUP is one of the market leaders in beauty health care industry. For those who are ambitious and would like to venture into this business, it is also a reliable business partner with great experience. In 2010, with the philosophy of providing a perfect life to everybody, which to improve each individual body from within that leads to self realization. The founder believes that every individual is special and unique.
With this philosophy in mind, the founder established a beauty health care company – DE BEAUTY GROUP . The selling method of DE BEAUTY has three main features: * An immediate channel to penetrate to the market. The DE BEAUTY GROUP has organized a series of promo activities such as event, road show, promotion counter, internet and magazine in order to achieve the objective of sales and services of the products.

* Providing first class services to our valued customers. All our outlets will provide personalized services, product demonstration as well as professional knowledge, in order to achieve the best services effect. With specialized beauty health care consultant, it will be able to make you become even more perfect.

* A win-win policy and a blue ocean strategy. The unique features of sales and marketing plan of the DE BEAUTY GROUP are low entry, high quality products and supported with satisfaction guaranteed of the DE BEAUTY GROUP. In addition, there is no restriction of the sales territory, your DE BEAUTY GROUP business can be grown to your desired size and even to be developed worldwide.
OUR MISSION Our mission is to become a leader in developing and manufacturing health care supplements which are strictly adhere to the standard of safety and to improves everybody skin and health condition. Therefore, to satisfy our clients’ need and maintain and help them to improve their health condition is our main commitment. With our determination and code of ethic conducts, we set an objective to develop further our business in all the countries in Asia with excellent products and achievement! OUR VISION We determine to become a market leader as a manufacturer of natural health care and herbs products. Our brands represent a series of well known products enriched with traditional quality ingredients. Our products are specially formulated with great care in order to meet the needs and requirement of modern society! Handling with integrity, sincerity and honesty.

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Reborn Nutri Bifidus

Reborn Nutri Bifidus
Quick Details Function: Beauty Products Type: Albumen Powder Place of Origin: Kuala Lumpur Mala

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