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Non chemical & ecofriendly product for wastewater

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Place of Origin: Maharashtra India Brand Name: BIOCLEAN Model Number: industrial wastewater treatment
free flowing powder: 2 years shelf life

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Packaging Detail: As per buyers specification
Delivery Detail: 1 to 3 weeks

Helps to reduce BOD,COD,TDS,foaming,maintain MLSS,Best odour control.Improves efficiency of treatment plant,Competitive price Product Description Property Natural and safe powder
Application For all biological treatment tanks
Concentration 10^7 to 10^10 CFU/gm
Active Ingredients Consortium of effective beneficial microorganisms. May contain up to 76 - 96 different microbial strains.
Storage No Special storage
Shelf-life 2 years
ADVANTAGES : * Saves energy costs.
* Increases stability of all biological process.
* Odour control.
* Up to 95% reduction in BOD & 90% reduction in COD load.
* Generates minimum sludge, hence less handling of sludge.
* Increases efficiency of plant.
* Reduces need for other chemical addition.
* Can handle shock loads very well.
* Little or no process modifications required.
* No need of change of design of ETP.
* Easy handling & application
* No messy cow dung handling.
* Economical as less manpower needed.
Packaging & ShippingPlease describe your sales packaging, transport packaging and shipping methods. You can add supporting images.Sales Packaging As per buyer's requirement
Transport Packaging As per buyer's requirement
Shipment Air & Sea
Our ServicesE.g. after-sales services, the services you offer for product samples, product customization, etc. 1) All biological process, a) Trickling Filter (TF) b) Activated sludge Process (ASP) c) Submerged Aerated filter (SAF) d) Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) e) Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) f) Surface aerated basins (lagoons) g) Rotating Biological Contractors (RBC) h) Sequencial Batch Reactor (SBR) 2) Customization is done, if necessary, 3) Bio-check(Bacteriological Wastewater Analysis)- A study to analyze & understand the current health & status of your biological units. 4) Bio-sure(Wastewater Treatability Study) - A study that confirms the suitability & sustainability of right micro organisms in specific effluent Company Information Organica Biotech is a leading manufacturer of advanced biological inputs for wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, soil remediation, septic tanks, oil degradation, Lake bio-remediation, solid waste composting, aquaculture probiotic and poultry probiotic. All our bio products are proven, performance oriented and cost effective. Most of our products are certified organic as per the Indian, US and Europe organic standards. Currently we are exporting our products to various countries across the Globe.Certified by
* AQIS approval for import of our products into Australia
* Registered for selling our products in the European Union
* Haffkine Institute, a Govt. of Maharastra Undertaking
* DSIR a Govt. of INDIA Undertaking
* ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004
* Project on Bioremediation approved by MoEF, Govt of India

Production capacity 5000 tonnes/year
Quality control, R&D In-situ
Trade shows attended 1) IFAT India – Mumbai2) EA Water India – Ahmedabad3) EA Water India – Chennai4) Water Tech – Gandhinagar
Main export markets USA, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Slovakia, Nigeria, Tonzonia, UAE, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Bangladesh, Chaina, Vietnam, Philipines, Malaysia, Russia, Egypt
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