High quality and Japan made 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier, beauty of simplicity, designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case Real

Professional Audio, Video Lighting

Place of Origin: Japan Brand Name: ELEKIT Model Number: EKF-01-001-009

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 3pcs/ctn , ctn size: 38X40X22(cm)
Delivery Detail: Shipped within 2-3 months after payment is confirmed.

* 12W + 12W
* Preassembled
* 6SN7 x 2
* Speaker impedance: 6 - 8 ohm High quality and Japan made 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier, beauty of simplicity, designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case Real Japan-made High quality
Minimalism amp Designed by Koichi Futatsumata AC adapter - 100-240V AC included Preassembled product
22 Hybrid Tube Amp
MODEL : EKF-01 Designer : Koichi Futatsumata Enrich your life with 22's smple, beautiful form and warm sound that fits into various lifestyle scenes.

Minimalism amp with hybrid configuration. Two beautiful tubes are two big knobs are arranged in concert with each other. For the input terminals, PHONE IN is equipped in addition to conventional LINE IN. This PHONE IN has the characteristics such as high sensitivity and low impedance that correspond to headphone output of portable audio players now predominant as a sound source device. With these two input terminals, LINE IN and PHONE IN, you can enjoy mixing two different sound sources. AC adapter is used as a power line so that the amplifier can be used worldwide.

Specifications Vacuum tube :
6SN7GT x 2pcs Maximum output : 12W + 12W (when 6-8ohm speakers are used) Frequency response : 15-30000Hz Dimensions : W265 x H103 x D151 mm (including projections) Weight : Approx. 1.6kg

AUG.19, 1994

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A hybrid vacuum tube amp with 2pcs of 6SN7GT designed by Designer Koichi Futatsumata.
His intention for the design in the initial conceptualization stage was to somehow embody the beauty of simplicity of vacuum tubes in this amplifier, and came up with the design that aligns two beautiful tubes and two big knobs in concert with each other, in a way these two core factors stand out in this amplifier, and he named it "22".
"22"won Yellow Pencil Nomination in Product Design category of D&AD Awards 2011.
It is also selected as a permanent collection of SFMOMA, USA.
Maximum output: 12W + 12W
Frequency reponse: 15 ~ 30000Hz
Dimensions: W265 x H103 x D151mm (including projections)
Weight: Approx. 1.6kg
AC adapter: 100-240V

PACO THEATER is a simple animation kit which can move your own illustrations just like a professional animation! The secret is in the high-intensity LEDs; 4 illustrations drawn on a transparent film are illuminated from behind in sequence by the 4 LEDs. The assembly is very simple; the electronic parts just need to be snapped in the sockets on the PCB. The theater body is made of white corrugated board so that you can draw on or decorate it with anything you want. Let's make your original PACO THEATER!
Power source: "AA" battery x 4 (not supplied)
Estimated assembly hour: 1 hour
Helpful tools: Longnose pliers, adhesive
Coloring tools: Pen (fine or medium line), color pencils, magic markers, polish remover or alcohol (to erase the illustration on the transparent film)
* Do not use watercolors or other colorings with large amount of water.

ROBOT ARM can perform such actions as to grab, release, lift, lower, rotate wrist and pivot sideways for 350 degrees as you command with a wired controller. ROBOT ARM introduces the basic robotic sensing and movement principles. The semi-transparent arm and LED lights allow you to observe the gear mechanism inside and the robot's movement in detail.
Power Source: "D" Battery x 4 (not included)
Power Consumption (per unit): 300mA (when no load applied)
Lifting Capacity: 130g
Dimensions: Max. height upward 510mm, Max. length outward 360mm
Weight: Robot Arm Approx.1,050g (without batteries), Controller Approx.150g (including a cable)

LET'S PIANO 2 is an electronic piano kit that you can play with its 15 white keys and 10 black keys, 2 octaves, enabling a half-tone performance. In addition, it is embedded with 18 musics and 10 different tones that enables many different arrangements on a music. What is more, with its original software "Melody IC Factory" users can compose a melody and transfer it to LET'S PIANO 2.
Attention: LET'S PIANO 2 is not a precision instrument and its musical scale is not exactly correct.
Musical scale: Fa(low)-Fa(high) (2 octaves, with half-tones)
Dimensions: W160 x H143 x D123mm (When the piano cover is open.)
Accessory: Transfer cable
* Music embedded: 18 musics
1. The Planets Op.32.Jupiter, 2. Humoresque, 3. Gymnopedies, 4. Gavotte, 5. Grand Waltz Brilliant Op.18, 6. Turkish March, 7. Pictures at an Exhibition, 8. Pine Apple Rag, 9. Pomp and Circuma Stance, 10.Sonata Pathetique, 11.Radetzky March, 12.KANON, 13.La Campanella, 14.Etudes, 15.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 16.Fantasie-Impromptu, 17.Op.62.No.6,Fruhlingslied-Spring Song, 18.None shall sleep tonight, 19.(Your original melody) * Tones: 8 tones
1. Piano, 2. Nylon guitar, 3. Synthesizer brass, 4. 80's game sound, 5. Music box, 6. Keyboard harmonica, 7. Steel drum, 8. Dog, 9. Cat, 10. Frog

This is a power amp kit with IC "TEA2025B" that is manufacturered exclusively for power amplifiers.
Wide power voltage range, 3V-15V, and high output level, 2.4W+2.4W (Maximum output when 8? loaded, power voltage 12V, THD=10%), so that best suit for a simple but decent audio amp. In addition, users can select either stereo or monoral by changing the jumper connection.
Power voltage: DC3V - 15V
Maximum output (THD=10%): 2.4W x 2 (When power voltage 12V, 8? load, and stereo)
4.3W (When power voltage 9V, 8? load, and BTL(monoral))
Speaker impedance: 4? - 32?
SN ratio: 84dB (IEC)
Frequency response: 65Hz - 35kHz (When 8? load, stereo)
Input resistance: Approx. 30k?
Idling current: Approx. 50mA
Dimensions: W62 x D50 x H15mm (When assembled, including projections)

PET SOLAR CAR is a clean-energy car kit that works with solar power.
The kit contains the solar battery panel with the stand, motor and tire sets to which you can set a PET bottle, a milk carton, or whatever around you to make your original eco-car! A perfect kit for a handicraft for summer.
Power source: Solar battery, Max.1.4V-350mA
Driving method: Front-whee drive
Circular driving: OK
Gearshift: 2 shifts
Estimated assembly hour: Approx.1.5 hours
Target age: 10 and up
* PET bottle is not included.

It is an electrical top kit using the centrifugal force as a switch. The top's power will be on by the centrifugal force by spinning, and then four light emitting diodes light on in different colors and, at the same time, its melody IC starts playing the music. You can enjoy the beautiful circle of the lights and the melody as long as the top is spinning steadily. The instruction is so intelligible that even beginners can follow easily.
Power source: Dry cell battery, "AA" x 2
Power Consumption: Approx. 35mA
PCB dimensions: 100mm in diamete

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High quality and Japan made 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier, beauty of simplicity, designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case Real

High quality and Japan made 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier, beauty of simplicity, designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case Real
Quick Details Place of Origin: Japan Brand Name: ELEKIT Model Number: EKF-01-001-009 Packaging

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