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Fermented Soya Extract (10.5 CP / 1.68 TN)


Product Type: Swelling Place of Origin: Philippines Brand Name: Aminosan
Model Number: A105F Shelf Life: 36 months from the day of production Process: Fermented
Type: Food Additives Other Names: Fermented Soy Sauce Concentrate

FERMENTED soya extract / Soy Sauce Concentrate / Soya Protein Concentrate / Raw Soy SauceWe distribute FERMENTED Soya Extract / Soy Sauce Concentrate / Soya Protein Concentrate / Raw Soy Sauce with our brand "Aminosan". This product is used in Soy Sauce, Seasoning & Other Food Products / Sauces. This product contains 10.5% CP - crude protein / 1.68 TN - total nitrogen. Our Fermented Product do not contain preservatives. Our company can formulate Aminosan at different protein levels specifically required by customers in the food industry for Philippine and International Market. HALAL CERTIFIED. Storage Conditions: Cool and dry environment, preferably not to exceed 32.22° C / 90° F. Product should not be allowed to freeze.

Three (3) years after production

Our company manufacture Soya Extract / Liquid HVP, Fermented Soya Extract / Fermented Soy Sauce Concentrate, Caramel Color (Liquid) and 10% Fermented Vinegar. We also manufacture soy sauce, vinegar and seasoning sauces. OEM / Private Label / House Brand for Soy Sauce

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