Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Type: Olive Oil Product Type: Fruit Oil Grade: Extra Virgin
Processing Type: Cold Pressed Cultivation Type: Common Packaging: Glass Bottle
Purity (%): 100 Volume (L): 0.25, 0.5, 0,75 Certification: ISO: 22000 (HACCP)
Place of Origin: Greece Brand Name: Excellent Extra Virgin Use: Cooking, Salads, Seasoning
Olive Variety: Koroneiki Acidity: < 0.5 % Flavour: Medium, fruit-like
Max hours from Harvest to Mill: 48 hours

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 3 bottle sizes: DORIKA 250ml, DORIKA 500ml, DORIKA 750ml 1 pallet = 1056 units (bottles)
Delivery Detail: 30 days after advance payment is confirmed

extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata
Olive Variety: koroneiki
Extraction: cold
Acidity: low
Flavour: medium Our Producer’s goal is to discover the best olive oil that the Greek land has to offer to the consumer: only excellent Greek olive oil will do, which fulfil strict quality selection criteria.

Nowadays, a product’s quality isn’t guaranteed just by the statement of its origin. A serious and monitored production process is required with the purpose of improving and maintaining the product’s quality. The selection procedure that our Producer offers consists of different stages.
* They travel throughout Greece to visit small, independent producers who with care, love and respect to Greek tradition and quality, offer something fine from their region.
* They monitor the entire production procedure up to manufacturing, and only when they verify the product’s authentic value, do they partner with the producers.
* All their olive oils are packaged at their place of origin under strict verifications and always by certified companies.
* In order to embody an olive oil under their umbrella, it must have excellent quality and organoleptic characteristics, and constitute an integral part in Greek traditional diet.
Product Description EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL
* Extra virgin olive oil is produced directly from olives only with mechanical methods from selected “sun-drenched” olive groves in the semi-mountainous region of Pylias in the province of Messinia.
* It has a soft aroma, a medium, bitter, fruit-like flavour with a peppered aftertaste
* Rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin E
* ACIDITY: 0.20-0.60 %
* Cold Extraction
* It is available in a glass DORIKA bottle.
* Packaging: DORIKA 250ml, DORIKA 500ml, DORIKA 750ml
Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
Nowadays, modern medicine confirms the fact that olive oil is beneficial to health and considers it the best well-kept secret for the maintenance of well-being and longevity.

Location of Origin
The region where the olive harvest takes place is limited within the narrow geographical boundaries of the semi-mountainous region of central Pylias in the Messinia Province.

Why choose Olive Oil from Kalamata and Messinia?
Today, olive oil is internationally recognized as a source of health, strength and well-being, and is preferred for its beneficial attributions and its redeeming cooking features.

Olive Variation
Our Producer's oil is produced 100% from the Koroneiki, a variety which produces the richest oil in Greece in substances of “healthfulness characteristics”.

Organoleptic Information - Chemical Analysis
The selection of the best olive oils from our region is always done with a chemical analysis by certified laboratories recognized by the International Olive Oil Council.

Natural Beauty Recipes with organic olive oilOrganically harvested olive oil is completely free from chemicals and other damaging substances. Our Services Collection Process
The harvest of olives occurs during the ripening stage. This stage combines the highest quality of olive oil with its highest oil content and is known as the industrial ripening stage. At the ripening stage, the olives have a pale yellow to violet colour according to their degree of ripeness. The harvest is done by hand so that the olives do not get damaged with the use of
mechanical means, and are then delivered directly to the olive oil mill.

Extraction process
The extraction process of the olives for the production of olive oil consists of two stages. The first stage is prior to extraction and includes the storage process of the olives and then the hydrolysis process (removal of fatty acids from the triglycerides). The second stage is the extraction and softening process of the olives in low temperatures (cold extraction), so that there is no lack of nutritional ingredients in the oil, therefore maintaining the oil’s highest benefits and organoleptic characteristics. This process takes place at the olive oil mills under strict checks according to the HACCP authorities. The produced olive oil is transported via a closed circuit in stainless steel containers, and is then stored under suitable conditions for fatty foods, protected from any exposure to oxygen.

Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process ensures and captures the quality, taste and scent of the olive oil inside the packaging. The olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers in an especially dry space. The product is transported in a completely stainless steel network for filtering and removing any impurities and humidity. Then, the procedure of automated bottling of the product follows, in which, at the end of this procedure, the expiration date is printed on the bottles which are then boxed so that they are not exposed to the sun. The product can be packaged in metallic containers (5lt, 3lt, 1lt) and glass containers (0.75lt, 0.5lt and 0.25lt). The companies which our Producer collaborates with, ensure that the storage and manufacturing procedures of the products are in accordance to the Community Legislation implemented by the certified quality management system EN ISO 22000-2005.

Storage Process
In order for the olive oil to get separated from its residues, it needs special care with storage. It is stored in specific containers with strict INOX 316 L provisions in a specially configured storage area. Special attention is required so the olive oil is not exposed under sun light and is kept in a stable temperature. The correct and careful storage of olive oil is what gives it the possibility to maintain its taste and aroma unaltered with the passage of time.Our Producer is in a position to offer olive oil of excellent quality throughout the year with all of its nutritional ingredients and an exceptional taste. They have all of the up-to-date means of storing olive oil so that it reaches the hands of the consumer in excellent condition.

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