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E juice, e liquid for electronic cigarette vaping


Available strengths:
We have high, medium, low, zero 4 different concentration
High: Contains 24/18mg
Medium: Contains 12mg
Low: Contains 6mg
Zero: Contains 0mg
Superior packing:
Available on 10, 30ml bottles e-liquid labels
Instead of the common plastic bottles, we use medical-standard bottle for our e-liquid
Bottles come with childproof cap, e liquid bottle 10ml and have OEM box packing or factory neutral packing
Safety guarantee:
FDA/MSDS/TUV registeredonly the highest quality ingredients USP Grade PG and VG, 99.9% pure naturally derived nicotine, and the best, most natural flavoring available.
Guarantee period for 2 year,100% ejuice e liquid
Free OEM/ODM services:
Logos/color can be your options when quantity reaches 1000 bottles
TNT ,DHL, FedEx, UPS special line and more
Shipment time: 3 to 4 working days
Sample ready: 2 days
Big order: 7 days
OEM order: 10 days

We are manufacturer,only produce e liquid

100%EJUICE latest flavor catalog
1 Strawberry 28 Migua 55 Virginia leaf 82 Menthol
2 Blueberry 29 Peach 56 Goldden Tobacco 83 Super Mint
3 Blackberry 30 Kiwi 57 British Tobacco 84 Ice Mint
4 Dark Plum 31 Grape Fruit 58 American blend 85 Cowboy Mint
5 Grape 32 Red Jujube 59 Turkish Tobacco 86 Watermelon Mint
6 Apple 33 Raspberry 60 Cherry Tobacco 87 Spear Mint
7 Mango 34 Peanut 61 French Tobacco 88 Mint candy
8 Cherry 35 Cream 62 Coco Tobacco 89 Milk Chocolate
9 Mandarin 36 Chocolate Cream 63 Strawberry Mint 90 Strawberry Icy Mint
10 Orange 37 Minty Chocolate 64 Minty Lemon 91 Apple Icy Mint
11 Lemon 38 Black Currant 65 Berry 92 Blueberry Icy Mint
12 Banana 39 Chocolate 66 Apple Mint 93 Melon Icy Mint
13 Pineapple 40 Peanut Butter 67 Banana Chocolate 94 Cherry Icy Mint
14 Pear 41 Ketchup 68 Cherry Apple 95 Pomegranate Icy Mint
15 Coconut 42 Black Walnut 69 Woodruff 96 Litchi Mint
16 Apricot 43 Taro 70 Tiramisu 97 Caramel
17 Almond 44 Pomegranate 71 Vanilla Sunrise 98 Black Ice
18 Cinnamon 45 Cotton Candy 72 Banana Split 99 Banana Vanilla
19 Litchi 46 Bubble Gum 73 Black Cherry 100 Watermelon Strawberry
20 Granny Smith 47 CoolMint Gum 74 Sucrose 101 Passion Fruit Strawberry
21 Red Delicious Apple 48 Toffee 75 Irish Cream 102 Vanilla Orange
22 Tutti Fruit(Fruit Mix) 49 Marzipan 76 Cranberry 103 Strawberry Banana
23 Watermelon 50 Pistachio 77 Pawpaw 104 Strawberry Kiwi
24 Plum 51 Yoghurt 78 Pumpkin 105 Crab-apple
25 Walnut 52 Cheese 79 Little Violet Sweeties 106 Guava
26 Hazelnut 53 Cream Coffee 80 Turkish Delight 107 Fruit Mix Mint
27 Melon 54 Cream Peanut 81 White Grape 108 Blackcurrant Mint

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China Popular zero nicotine E Liquid with Tpd FDA TUV RoHS Reach Certifications

China Popular zero nicotine E Liquid with Tpd FDA TUV RoHS Reach Certifications
Matt(at)yumpor.com 1.Top three E liquid manufactures in China 2. ISO22000, FDA, TUV, RoHS, Nic

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