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Drilling & Rigs Equipment & Spares

Architecture Design

Usage: Oil Well

Drilling & Rigs Equipment & Spares Serving complete oilfield equipment & Spare parts for all major OEM Manufacturer. We are associated with reputed manufacturers across USA, Europe, Far-east & Indian Subcontinent

Rig And Rig Spares
Platform, Derrick/Mast and spares

Valves, Pipes, Fittings, Instrumentation Fittings, Gauges, Actuators, Kelly (Valve and Bushing), Swivel, Unions, Jars, Fishing Tool, Instrumented Pig, Rotary Table, Spool Risers, Control Consoles, Choke Beans, Solid Control Equipment

Fluid Flow
Mud Pump, Accumulator, Mud Tanks, Hoses, Flow Meters

Pressure Control
BOP, BOP Control and spares

Material Transfer
Draw work, Shale Shaker, Wire ropes, Slings, Spinning Wrench tongs and spiders, Elevators, Slips, Master Bushing Hoppers, Winches, Hoist

Drilling Mat, Coveralls, safety Shoes, Gloves, Respirators, Breathing Apparatus, Goggles, Ear Muffler/Plug, Helmet, Fire Blanket, Gas Detectors, Fire Extinguisher

Vehicle, Trucks, Tyres, Battery and Spares

Prefabricated Buildings, Power and Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools

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Interior & Graphic Design

Interior & Graphic Design
Specifications Interior & Graphic Design GOI International is in partnership with dimx atelier as th

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