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Chlorine Dioxide - 0.75%

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Place of Origin: Maharashtra India Brand Name: SVS Aqua technologies Model Number: CDL-7500

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CDL-7500 is a transportable, non-explosive two-component liquid kit generating 7500 ppm Aqueous chlorine dioxide solutionWe would like to introduce our self as an Indian Manufacturer of Chlorine Dioxide.( CDL-7500). CDL-7500is a transportable non-explosive two-component liquid kit generating 7500 ppm Aqueous chlorine dioxide solution.The product is presently registered in India and we have taken approval from several Government and private laboratories for its use in water treatment as an biocide.( Toxicity Studies, Stability analysis, Heavy metal studies etc…) About SVS Aqua Technologies. - SVS Aqua Technologies is formed with the mission to provide state-of-the-art chlorine dioxide technology products and solutions to customers throughout India and the rest of the world. SVS Chemical Corporation the trading firm established in the year has been addressing and resolving the water treatment challenges. Over past few decades the company has been involved in supplying of water treatment chemicals. The expertise of the company lies in operating the potable water treatment plants of several cities spread across India. With the changes in market dynamics and changing needs of the customers the company has ventured in the field of manufacturing water treatment chemicals by the name SVS AQUA TECHNOLOGIES. Today, more than ever before, there is a demand for “green”, 21st century technology solutions that replace 20th century, environmentally-toxic products. By putting chlorine dioxide chemistry at the very heart of our business, we are able to cover a wide range of industries and develop applications that require disinfection and sanitation solutions. About CDL-7500 TM. CDL-7500 comes in a two-component liquid mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.75% (7500ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. CDL-7500 enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With CDL-7500™ , the generator is embedded in the liquids.The liquid components of CDL-7500 ™ are easy to transport and stock and safe to use. Dosing is done by conventional plug and play metering equipment. As a made-up concentrate CDL 7500™ delivers a far more effective disinfection power than any other traditional disinfectants and a more rapid disinfection can be made through its self-dispersal action The product finds the application in the following areas of your interest.

• Drinking Water treatment(4-10 pH)

• Iron & Manganese removal.

• STP/WTP water treatment. (Domestic & Industrial)

• Cooling tower Water treatment as an Oxidising Biocide.

• Boiler water (DM Plant) treatment.

• Ion Exchange Resins Treatment for removal of Organic & Inorganic Fouling.

• RO/UF Membrane treatment for removal of Bio fouling. (Membrane & Feed water).· Virus, Fungi, Bacteria, Mould, Yeast removal in ultrapure water· Process water treatment for Ultra Pure water, Surface and plant sanitation.· For Pseudomonas & Aeromonas removal/Treatment in Aqua Culture.· Fruits, Vegetables ,Meat, & Other sea food washing and **** would be glad to receive any enquiry for the above mentioned product.Regards Nikunj Shah

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Chlorine Dioxide - 0.75%

Chlorine Dioxide - 0.75%
Quick Details Place of Origin: Maharashtra India Brand Name: SVS Aqua technologies Model Number:

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