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Automatic Self Vision Tester (Initial Vision Checker)

Health Medical

We're a Korean company who sells the medical imaging products and Ophthalmic products in world market.
Recently, we launched the Self Vision Tester (Initial Vision Checker) with which users can initially check their eye sight level by themselves without any examiner or helper.

Its vision test automatically starts with voice guides when users get close to the device and its voice guides help users at every stage during the test.
With this device, users can check their eye sight level so easily before going to ophthalmologists because the test proceeds only with simple circle (called 'landolt ring').
All that users have to do for the test is that users push the handle lever to the opened side of the circle.
Our self vision tester has 80% accuracy of vision test.

After the vision test procedure for about 30 seconds, the test result prints out from the built-in thermal printer and can be transmitted to user's computer for their management.

You can sell the initial vision checker at:

- Health care center
- School
- Organization (bank, factory etc)
- Long term care
- Nursing home
- Clinic in remote area
- Public places (shopping mall etc)
- Tender
- Promotion of other medical / pharmaceutical products.

We recommend you to visit our website below for detailed information and contact us if you're interested in our self vision tester.
It will surely be acceptable for wide range of markets in your country.

Scud Kim / sales director
G-Medcos International
Tel: +82-70-8183-0695
Web: ****

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Quick Details Place of Origin: Tamil Nadu India Brand Name: MY ENERGY TESTER Model Number: STAI

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