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Aluminum Foil Tape

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Temper: Hard Use: Kitchen Use Treatment: Coated
Type: Roll Thickness: 30 ~ 150 Place of Origin: Busan South Korea

Aluminum Foil Tape A/L tape's excellent barrier physical properties gives it a great of advantages over many other flexible and rigid materials.A very thin layer of aluminium foil will be able to render a packaging lamination completely light-proof and liquid-tight. There are many different applications, each making slightly different demands which are met by A/L foil in the form of flexible packaging.A/L tape(Conductivity or non-conductivity) : refrigerator/air-conditioner/washing machine, duct insulation, bending, seal, home-appliances, etc. Name Material Thickness
(ยต) Width
(mm) Length
(M) Application Remarks
A/L Foil Tape
(Conductivity & Non-conductivity) Aluminum
(Purity : 99.90%) 30~150 50~600 10~150 Home-appliance, Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, Duct insulation,
Banding, etc. High heat resistance,
Static-electricity removal, Seal,
All the dimensions & specification can be customized to the customers' needs

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